What is SoftWave TRT?

What is SoftWave TRT?

Discover SoftWave TRT at ATL Pain Institute, Atlanta, GA: A New Chapter in Regenerative Medicine

The OrthoGold Standard by SoftWave Tissue Regeneration Technologies

ATL Pain Institute in Atlanta, GA, is proud to introduce SoftWave Tissue Regeneration Technologies' OrthoGold, a groundbreaking advancement in regenerative medicine. This FDA-cleared technology is celebrated for its remarkable success in clinical trials, leveraging patented technology to activate the body's natural repair mechanisms at the cellular level, fostering natural healing processes.

Advanced Shock Wave Technology: Revolutionizing Healing

SoftWave TRT's innovative electrohydraulic spark gap technology, combined with a unique parabolic reflector, produces an electrohydraulic supersonic acoustic wave. This wave spreads over a wide area, catalyzing accelerated tissue repair and healing, representing a significant leap forward in medical technology.

A Commitment to Research and Innovation

With a substantial investment of over $25 million in research and development, and the protection of 46 active patents, SoftWave TRT is a leader in medical innovation. ATL Pain Institute's adoption of this technology ensures the most advanced care in tissue regeneration for Atlanta's community.

Endorsements by Medical Experts

Esteemed institutions like the Cleveland Clinic, Walter Reed Military Center, and Mayo Clinic endorse SoftWave TRT, reflecting its trusted status in the medical community. ATL Pain Institute joins these prestigious ranks, offering top-tier medical excellence.

Versatile Medical Applications

SoftWave's adaptability is evident in its widespread use across various medical fields, from orthopedics and neurology to chiropractic care and sports medicine. It's the preferred choice for diverse health professionals.

Celebrated Endorsements and Testimonials

Notable figures in the medical field, including Dr. Josh Axe and Dr. John David Mullins, endorse SoftWave Therapy, highlighting its esteemed reputation in healthcare.

The Origins of SoftWave TRT

Founded in 2004 by John Warlick and Mark Gronowski, SoftWave TRT originated in lithotripsy and has since expanded its shockwave applications, leading to numerous medical breakthroughs. As the first North American provider of unfocused shockwaves (Li-ESWT), SoftWave is a pioneer in the field.

Beyond Pain Relief: Comprehensive Healing

SoftWave TRT transcends mere symptom management, targeting the underlying causes of pain and dysfunction. It offers a holistic solution for a wide range of conditions, from musculoskeletal issues to cosmetic concerns, ensuring a thorough approach to health and regeneration.

Prioritizing Patient Safety

With FDA approval and clearance, SoftWave TRT at ATL Pain Institute adheres to the highest safety standards, assuring patients of safe, comfortable, and effective treatment.

Trusted by Elite Athletes and Celebrities

SoftWave's efficacy is recognized not just in medical circles but also among elite athletes and celebrities, underscoring its reliability and effectiveness.

Multidisciplinary Confidence in SoftWave

Healthcare professionals across various fields, including orthopedics and athletic training, acknowledge the benefits of SoftWave, ensuring comprehensive care for patients.

A Vision for Pain-Free Living in Atlantla, GA

John Warlick's philosophy resonates deeply: "No one should settle for living in pain or with a chronic injury." At SoftWave TRT at ATL Pain Institute, this mission extends beyond healing—it's about enhancing life quality with each SoftWave session.

Experience the Power of SoftWave Therapy in Atlanta

ATL Pain Institute invites residents of Atlanta, GA, to experience the revolutionary SoftWave Therapy. This non-invasive technique, known for alleviating pain and promoting tissue healing, offers a pathway to enhanced well-being, enabling individuals to overcome health challenges and enjoy a life of increased mobility and diminished pain.