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  • Yoga instructor gets natural relief for her shoulder pain with Softwave
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  • I had plantar fasciitis for 4 months before I came here. I did a 2x 8 sessions with Dr. Felix Vega and in 1.5 months, my plantar fasciitis went away! Dr. Vega was great, he gave me some strengthening and balancing exercises as well to help with my recovery!

    Warren T
  • Great place, friendly staff from the amazing Ms Venezuela (Iria) at the front desk to greet you to Dr Daniel’s that does a fantastic job at taking care of you. I have been very pleased with all of them. I have a persistent inflamed achille tendon that rehab and drugs hadn’t solved. After 2 months of shock wave, the problem is finally improving. I wish I had tried them 2 years ago!

    Karl R
  • Woman able to drive again after all natural treatment
  • Dallas Cowboys Chiropractor and his feedback on SoftWave Technology
  • Professional and warm atmosphere. Dr Daniel is very knowledgeable about soft wave technology. He is open to any questions. He knows how the body functions and on the first visit corrected my alignment in addition to relieving some of my pain, I am not finished with my sessions yet, but my body pain is slowly going away and I am also becoming more flexible with the exercises I do.

    Muriel W
  • Everyone at the ATL Pain Institute treats me with respect and patience.  They strive to accommodate my needs and make my visit easy.

    Lia L
  • 4 Back surgeries and Lost Hope before a treatment with SoftWave Technology
  • Frozen Shoulder treatment with amazing results with only one session
  • I was told i need a knee replacement.  I didnt want the painful surgery. I was looking for something to soothe the pain then i found this place. I went in limping and in pain.  15 minutes later i was walking with out pain. And  8 months later, i still dont limp or have any pain. The staff is also wonderful

    Ms. Blades Barbershop
  • Everyone is very nice. They do everything they can to get quick results. I have gotten relief in the first week and am very pleased with the progress I’m making.

    Konda M
  • Watch how we increase circulation & restore normal blood flow in this 87 year old Cowboy
  • Woman finds natural relief for arthritic hand & thumb pain after one 3 minute Softwave treatment ????
  • Soft wave is awesome! Best pain relief ever for arthritis!

    Kay E
  • Shockwave therapy has been a blessing and a great non-invasive option for pain relief. Plantar fasciitis and heel spur pain had plagued me for over 6 months. After acupuncture treatments, I was advised to try shockwave therapy. My pain and discomfort level after 2 therapy sessions has decreased tremendously

    Tracie P
  • Young lady gets immediate relief after 1 four minute softwave treatment for scoliosis surgery
  • Young Lady Finds Natural Relief for her Chronic knee pain with The Stem Cell Machine
  • I have only done 1 session and is feeling fine, I have chronic pain in both knees, and I came out feeling great for the first session, I will surely keep you all posted as I am tired of so much other promotions that charge so much money and does nothing at all

    Peggy E
  • Shock wave laser Is great! my foot feels so much better! Doctor Daniels did a good job

    Kelly C